Catching up: Nisheeta Labroo Bakht & Leena Labroo Co-Founders, Niana

20 March,2018

Spicy, crunchy chickpeas Snack easy

26 February,2018

Catching up: Priya Prakash Founder of HealthSetGo

16 February,2018

Cauliflower Rice

04 January,2018

Catching up: Anjali Malhotra Founder of 10 am

06 December,2017

Catching up: Anisha Shah Professional Dancer

08 November,2017

Kica jams:
Anant's curated playlist
Resident DJ

16 October,2017

Cocoa Bark Series x Kica
Protein Dark Chocolate Bark

09 October,2017

Catching up: Merrylin Boro Model

06 October,2017

catching up: Sanjana Batra Celebrity Stylist

25 September,2017

catching up: Kubbra Sait Actor, Anchor, Orator, TV host

11 September,2017

protein waffles

28 August,2017

catching up:
Vanshika, Mehr, Mitwa
Dance Mavericks

03 August,2017

catching up: sohila bajaj Host of CNBC Dress for Success

27 July,2017

catching up: carol singh Co-founder, Antidote

27 July,2017

catching up: suchita salwan Co-Founder, Little Black Book

27 July,2017

healthy alternatives:
hung curd raita

07 July,2017

fat misconception:
peanut butter

04 July,2017

heart pumping

04 July,2017

healthy alternatives:
quinoa poha

04 July,2017

kica jams:
Aneesha's curated playlist vol 1

04 July,2017

crunch no more

04 July,2017

fat misconception:
coconut oil

04 July,2017

taro chips

04 July,2017

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